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JobConseil - Career transition consulting

JobConseil - Your career booster

JobConseil is an expert consultancy specialising in advice and coaching for professionals who are in career transition, in France or French-speaking Switzerland.
JobConseil's focus is
your career success—individually tailored to your personal project and your motivation for pursuing it.
Founded by a female professional with the goal of ensuring that every individual can
develop and affirm their talents, passions, skills and expertise—whatever their situation or location in the world.
With a passion for all things international - including assignments in 12 different countries, an ability to speak four languages, and an international family, Raluca Balan created JobConseil to
support you at every stage in your professional life.
She can work with you in
French and English, in person or using Skype.

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Raluca Balan - Coach sur Pays de Gex et Suisse Romande

Expatriation - Accompagnement sur Suisse et Pays de Gex

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Society JobConseil
Career transition consulting, Coaching, Orientation
France (Rhone-Alpes) - proximity Geneva
Contact : Raluca BALAN

Expert Questions

How to prepare for a successful return home after working abroad?

Your return home is a key period when you should take stock of your experience abroad, maximise its value, and prepare your next steps.

Sooner or later you will be faced with the prospect of returning home...
- Does the idea of returning to your former role still interest you?
- What type of role or area of work do you want to pursue next?
- Are there any new career opportunities open to you?
- Would you be willing to take a new direction?
- How should you play it in a situation where you have had to cut short your assignment and are feeling dissatisfied?
- How can you derive the maximum value from your assignment?
- How do you ensure your skills are recognised and get recommended on social networks?

What about your partner? Could they consider a career break? Should they look for a job?

What ever the situation, a career assessment with an independent professional is a must...

How to prepare the ground for a successful social life in your future host country?

Whether in France or abroad, social activities make life more pleasant and smooth running.
But, of course, creating a thriving social life isn't like buying a plane ticket. There are no certainties. In fact, some expatriates experience a real cultural shock.

Should you stay close to the expat community or brave the task of developing local relationships?

Real integration is only possible when you can embrace cultural differences and approach things in a spirit of openness. How can you get to know the cultural norms? How do you open up? How do you share your values and passions?

What do you know about your new country of residence? About its history, its culture, its current affairs, and its politics? What things are you interested in about the country? What things would you like to learn, discover, and experience? Are there any areas that particularly interest you?

It's not about doing more work to prepare yourself for your move.
It's about conducting yourself in the right way to gather the appropriate people to help you in your project.

A number of face-to-face sessions before you depart, with some follow-up calls over Skype during the first few months of your time abroad, will be of real help to you.